This is my blog (or newsletter, or publication, or whatever you wish to call it), it has no particular characteristic other than containing the things I wish to write about, not as of yet, anyway.

As for me?

I'm afraid this blog is the most unadulterated lens into my consciousness that a stranger is allowed to have. So I doubt I can provide any more information about myself than you could get by reading this blog.

If you want a summary: My name's George, for the last 3 years I've been stuck traveling the world, I like writing code, writing text, machine learning, psychoactive drugs, and complaining. I’m a researcher at mindsdb, an open-source auto ml library. Other interests include making music, biology (with a focus on metabolism), ethics, epistemology, trading/betting, behavioral economics, philosophy of science, phenomenology, statistics, digital circuits, hiking, applied longevity, and probably a bunch of other things that are harder to classify.

The best way to contact me is via email:

You can find the other stuff I do at

If you find this blog fascinating enough to read its “About” page, by all means, give me an email sharing your thoughts and asking any questions you may have. I echo the sentiments of Alexey Guzey and Patrick McKenzie.

Finally, I’m a world traveler, so if you live in a place you find lovely and would like to grab a coffee, tell me where that is, it’s not so unlikely I might pass by in the following year or two (as long as it’s in Europe or Asia, the Americas are not for me)

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Into ML, programming, neuro-neo-psychedelic-buddhism, longevity, epistemology, biohacking, startups... the usual around these parts. You can contact me at or follow my works at